How do computers affect human life?

 Today, computers are a commonly used tool associated with the work of so many people. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of computers in everyday life.

Computers have come into our lives quite long and sustainably, making fundamental changes to the world and our capabilities. Computers make our lives easier. Every question, every question, instead of having to go through all the documents to find the answer, we simply need to type some keywords into GOOGLE. The ability of computers is not limited to any field: medicine uses it to make diagnoses about the body, with fashion designers, architects, computers opening horizons new, in production, it is the computer that controls the other machines, and the people just watch. But we all know it has both positive and negative effects. Let’s take a look at the effects of computers on human life.

Improve understanding

The Internet gives people the opportunity to receive the latest breaking news, rumors, and information about the issues we care about. Allow us to play exciting and engaging online games.

Video conference makes it possible for people to conduct meetings, exchange information, and solve important issues without leaving their working positions, saving their facilities and time.

The Internet gives people the opportunity to receive the latest breaking news/Ph.Jo-78

Computers have become a very effective working tool, effectively serving us, it replaces the old typewriter, replacing both notebooks and giving us modern tools, making us. It’s become much more convenient and simple.

Searching for jobs and businesses

Also on the Internet, we can find high-paying jobs that bring satisfaction to us. Can quickly deliver, receive documents, quickly exchange information for the job.

Buying and selling online is also easier: the price is usually cheaper than in stores, you can carefully read the product description, view photos of goods, check product feedback other customers. You can buy and sell cars, search tours, buy toys for children, or buy items that are half way around the world.

Connecting people

Internet is also a means of connecting with friends, helping us keep the seemingly forgotten relationships of our peers, of sympathetic people who know each other by chance.

And it should not forget its important role for the disabled, who do not have the opportunity to directly contact with the world.

For all of us, the Internet opens the way to other cultures and histories, providing a tremendous opportunity for education, a vast source of knowledge that no other library can match.

Impact on health

With the use of computers, many people raise their awareness, but many also have health problems. Gradually we forget about physical exercise and physical activity. Many people (especially pupils and students) prefer to sit for hours at a computer, play games or surf the web, live in a virtual world rather than going outside to breathe the air, they do not expect to work harm they bring to themselves.

The main factors are harmful to the health of people working with computers: sitting posture for a long time; electromagnetic radiation of computer screens; eyestrain; overload of knuckles; reliance on computers.

Sitting: It seems like we are comfortable sitting on our computer, but in reality it is a forced and uncomfortable posture for the body: neck, head, hands and shoulders pulled. This strain leads to an overload of the spine, cartilage degeneration in adults and scoliosis in children.

Electromagnetic radiation: Modern computer screens have been designed with protective layers to reduce this harm, but of course only reduce, not eliminate.

Dependence on computers

Computers were no longer just a source of information and a tool to serve human needs/Ph.baothaibinh

Perhaps this is the hottest issue for the modern world, especially for teenagers of our time. This is when computers were no longer just a source of information and a tool to serve human needs, but it began to replace the world around them. Gradually, people spend more and more time on computers, immersing themselves in games or communicating on the Internet, forgetting real life as well as real communication. In particular, for children, psychology is not strong enough, some games or information on the Internet can change the worldview as well as the concept of their moral standards. In some serious cases can lead to psychological disorders.

There is no denying the benefits of computers and its practical role in the modern world. But everything has its downside, here are some things that computers affect your life. You need to be careful when making friends with this technology device to be able to exploit its benefits and limit the harm it causes.

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